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European Literature Prize 2024


Each year, the European Literature Prize is awarded to the best contemporary European novel published in Dutch translation. Both author and translator are honoured, to help the novel reach a wider audience and raise awareness of the vital role of translators.

The award ceremony takes place during Crossing Border,

The winners of the prize in 2023 were the British writer Claire-Louise Bennett and translators Karina van Santen and Martine Vosmaer with the book Checkout 19.

More details of the winner and the shortlist can be found on the European Literature Prize website.


The awards ceremony is part of Crossing Border 2024. The date and location are yet to be announced.

The winners will be announced in early September.


The ceremony can be attended free of charge. Tickets are available in the Crossing Border ticket shop after the winners have been announced.


Partners of the European Literature Prize are the Dutch Foundation for Literature, Spui25, De Groene Amsterdammer, Athenaeum bookstore and Crossing Border.