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International literature and music festival

The Chronicles is Crossing Border’s unique annual residency project for talented authors and translators.

Each day of the festival, an up-and-coming writer works on a blog of that day’s events, capturing their insights and experiences of the artists performing on the Crossing Border stage. At the same time, translators get to work and offer the audience a near-simultaneous translation. The translators are at the start of their literary careers, and the aim is to showcase the skill and talent of both the writer and translator and show how the process works. The authors will write one story prior to the festival, one on each day of the festival (2-3-4 Nov.) and a final story to conclude their experiences of Crossing Border.

Live Event during Crossing Border

The Dutch authors and translators of The Chronicles will also appear at their own event during Crossing Border, when they will be questioned about their work, literary life, and this year’s collaboration.

The Chronicles 2023 live: Part of the programme is a masterclass literary translation. This programme is organized in collaboration with the Dutch Foundation for Literature, Translators’ House Amsterdam and Utrecht University and KU Leuven (Masters Literary Translation)

The Chronicles 2023