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International literature and music festival

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DBC Pierre en David Keenan


Friday November 4, 2022


20.30 - 21.05




Korzo - Heartbeat Hotel

God is Afoot, Magic is Alive: Reasons Not To Die with DBC Pierre and David Keenan
Wise Guys, time-warpers and celebrated authors David Keenan and DBC Pierre present an emergency clinic between global apocalypses, designed to ask and answer the obvious questions of modern existence before it’s too late, including: Do we really have to die? How can a loving universe be so cruel? And WHAT IS THE ACTUAL FUCKING POINT? Bring your hearts, minds, troubles, questions, and leave your expectations at the door as these soul-medics uncover and explore possible new ways out of a crushing human paradigm. Between them Keenan and Pierre have over a hundred years of life and near-death experience, as well as a host of awards including the Gordon Burn Prize and the Man Booker Prize.