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Young Sick Camellia, the new album by St. Paul & the Broken Bones is coming up this september. “The band chose the hip-hop / modern R&B producer Jack Splash to record in Los Angeles, a choice that Janeway credits with taking the band outside of their comfort zone and establishing a connection to a new sound. Fusing the use of samples, fresh rhythms, and new instruments with Janeway’s specific interpersonal subject matter, Young Sick Camellia is sure to place St. Paul & The Broken Bones in a whole new sphere.”

British historian Sir Ian Kershaw will be interviewed on November 1st at 12.30 at the Central Library about his two-volume history of Europe in the 20th century. In the second book ‘Roller-Coaster: Europe, 1950-2017’ he takes the reader with him into the aftermath of the Second World War to the present.

Border Sessions presents Byron Richartist, professor, and lecturer from Canada who approaches the relationship between technology and society through various scientific projects. 


Aminatta Forna‘s novel Happiness is full of juxtapositions, a story of loss and resilience, of grief and happiness and most of all: connecting to one another and having a shared understanding. 

Comic creator Karrie Fransman uses graphic arts as a playground for visual storytelling, creating worlds by inserting her bold and versatile style into graphic novels, strips, digital comics, sculptures and even virtual reality.

“You can show so much about a person from what he shares and obscures” Het spectrum of Patrick deWitt’s books goes from pitch black to snow white with beautifully constructed words and sentences with an idiosyncratic vocabulary.

What does Crossing Border look like through a writer’s eyes? The first names of this year’s the The Chronicles are Lana Lux, Mauro Libertella, Sharlene Teo, Dean Bowen and Radna Fabias. 

The Guardian recently published this article about the musical quest of the composer Gavin Bryars and the recording of 26 seconds of an unknown homeless man that started it all. There are separate tickets available for Gavin Bryars Plays Samuel Beckett Songbook on the 4th of November.

Michael Palin will be taking us on an extraordinary maritime adventure during Crossing Border. His latest and first non-fiction book tells the story of The Erebus, the flagship who went on two of the most significant journeys in our history. One reached the furthest South any ship had ever been; the other met with disaster in the search for the Northwest Passage. There are separate tickets available for this special event.