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The Chronicles Live


Saturday November 4, 2023


22.05 - 23.20




Korzo - The Attic

The Chronicles is Crossing Border’s unique annual residency project for talented authors and translators.
Each day of the festival, an up-and-coming writer works on a blog of that day’s events, capturing their insights and experiences of the artists performing on the Crossing Border stage. At the same time, translators get to work and offer the audience a near-simultaneous translation. The translators are at the start of their literary careers, and the aim is to showcase the skill and talent of both the writer and translator and show how the process works. The authors will write one story prior to the festival, one on each day of the festival (2-3-4 Nov.) and a final story to conclude their experiences of Crossing Border.

Teddy Tops


Image for Yara Rodrigues Fowler


Yara Rodrigues Fowler

Yara Rodriques Fowler, a British novelist with Brazilian heritage, grew up in South London. Her debut novel Stubborn Activist was published ...

Image for Claire Baglin


Claire Baglin

Claire Baglin grew up in Normandy, where her father was a factory worker and her mother a social worker. She draws on her personal backgroun...

Image for Dario Goldbach


Dario Goldbach

What is everything? And how did you get it? These are the questions that up-and-coming Dutch writer Dario Goldbach tries to address in his d...

Image for Safae el Khannoussi


Safae el Khannoussi

Safae el Khannoussi (1994) is a writer, teacher and doctoral candidate. She writes her dissertation on political philosophy and prison aboli...

Image for Alara Adilow


Alara Adilow

Dutch-Somali poet and author Alara Adilow’s debut poetry collection Mythen en Stoplichten (Myths and Traffic Lights) was published to critic...

Image for Demir Hilbrands


Demir Hilbrands

Demir Hilbrands (1998) recently finished her master’s degree in Literary Translation at Utrecht University and now works at Leiden Universit...

Image for Jan Pędziński


Jan Pędziński

Jan Pędziński has a master’s degree in Dutch from the Adam Mickiwicz University in Poznań, as well as a degree in Polish literature. He is c...

Image for Lola Bertels


Lola Bertels

Lola Bertels (1991) lives in her hometown of Brussels with her two cats, where she does her bilingual education justice as a French-Dutch tr...

Image for András Szőnyei


András Szőnyei

András Szőnyei was born and raised in Budapest, Hungary. Hij studied English and Dutch at university and spent several years working for mul...

Image for Shimanto Reza


Shimanto Reza

Shimanto (Robin) Reza translates, edits (often translated novels), and writes prose in Dutch and English. In this way he has found himself i...