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De Leijer & De Leijer


Saturday November 4, 2023


21.15 - 21.45




Korzo - The Attic

Dutch Spoken

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Jeroen & Boris de Leijer

In this unusual collaboration between parent and child, comic artist Jeroen De Leijer and his son Boris document a trip they took in 2016, when Jeroen despaired of his then 18-year-old son’s adolescent apathy and resolved to get him off his phone and into the real world.

Boris had not been to school in three years and spent most of his time in bed watching Netflix, so Jeroen devised an adventure that would see the pair first tour Europe and visit Verdun and the Western Front, before heading to the United States.

Father and son travelled to Texas in 2016 to follow the momentous presidential elections that put Donald Trump in the White House. The result is the graphic novel To Texas and Back, a modern rite of passage in which Jeroen’s natural inclination to control the narrative is tempered by his son’s insistence on ensuring his version of events is heard too, creating an authentic dialogue between generations.

Jeroen de Leijer is the creators of the Eefje Wentelteefje comic strip, while Boris de Leijer is studying creative writing.

Naar Texas en terug