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Za 7 Nov


20:00 - 21:15


The Raven Studio at Theater aan het Spui


Jelko Arts



The Chronicles 2020

*Read the blogs at

The Chronicles is Crossing Border Festival’s unique annual residency project for talented authors and translators. Today we can announce this year’s participants. Talented writers Anne Moraal, Munir Hachemi, Naoise Dolan, Sebastiaan Chabot and Sholeh Rezazadeh will be blogging live from the festival about their insights. Munir and Naoise will be blogging from home, as crossing the border isn’t deemed a possibility at the moment. At the same time, translators will get to work and offer the audience an almost immediate translation. These translators are at the start of their literary careers and will showcase that they can produce fast and high-quality translations. This year’s participating translators are Fleur Jeras, Francesco Panzeri, Madelon Janse, Olga Niziołek en Sophie Atkins. Prior to the festival, there will be a blog published online by every author. During the festival three will be written live and a final blog will conclude their journey after the festival has ended. All blogs will be published with their respective translations. The first blogs will be published in October through

Live Event during Crossing Border Festival

The Dutch authors and translators of The Chronicles 2020 will be live on stage during the Crossing Border Festival. Besides the blogs and translations that will be written, they will also be questioned about their books, their debuts, translating, the literary world and this year’s collaborations. How did they make it work with the other person they’re working with, not being in the same country, something that was also custom in previous years? We’ll hear all about it during this special live programme.