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I Am An Island, in conversation with Tamsin Calidas


Saturday November 6, 2021




2:00 PM - 3:00 PM




November 6, 2021

Tamsin Calidas talks about her memoir I Am An Island, a story about the incredible ability of the natural world to provide when everything else has fallen away. A stunning book about solitude, friendship, resilience, and self-discovery.

About I Am An Island

When Tamsin Calidas first arrives on a remote island in the Scottish Hebrides, it feels like coming home. Disenchanted by London, she and her husband left the city and high-flying careers to move the 500 miles north, despite having absolutely no experience of crofting, or of island life. It was idyllic, for a while. But as the months wear on, the children she’d longed for fail to materialise, and her marriage breaks down, Tamsin finds herself in ever-increasing isolation. Injured, ill, without money or friends she is paired right back, stripped to becoming simply a raw element of the often harsh landscape. But with that immersion in her surroundings comes the possibility of rebirth and renewal. Tamsin begins the slow journey back from the brink.


Marjolijn de Cocq

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Tamsin Calidas

Tamsin Calidas is an author and photographer who lives on an island in the Scottish Hebrides. She graduated with honors from the University of Oxford in 1992 and worked in advertising and for the BBC, before moving to Scotland in 2004. Her book I Am An Island became a bestseller in the United Kingdom. Calidas pulls out all the stops in this raw, startling, and extremely moving book, an ode to human survival instinct filled with beautiful descriptions of the wild island world.

I Am An Island

Tamsin Calidas