Internationaal literatuur & muziek festival

3 - 8 November 2020


Za 7 Nov


Theater Aan Het Spui

The world is in heavy waters: and so is Europe, or maybe we should say: especially Europe. The continent that used to be a symbol for democracy, science and Enlightenment is being torn apart. Populist are battling idealists, greed is outrunning humanity. The work of Munir Hachemi, a Spanish author of Moroccan descent, is placed within the crossfires of this phenomenon. Munir is versatile man: he runs a publishing house in poetry, he is promoting on the work of Borges and he writes novels.

His book Living Things (which has been confusingly also published under the title Long Journey) tells the tale of four men. These men are not immigrants, but they find themselves between a rock and a hard place nonetheless. They travel to the south of France: their plan is to make some money working in the harvest of grapes. They wind up on a chicken farm instead. There they find all the dark subject matter of contemporary Europe: men versus nature, men versus capitalism and men versus borders. Living Things is a book that is placed at the heart of the current European debate.

Munir Hachemi (1989) is a Spanish author, scholar and publisher. He is currently promoting on the work of Jorge Luis Borges.


Munir Hachemi is part of the Saturday evening programme The Chronicles.

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