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Wo 4 Nov


The Raven Studio at Theater aan het Spui

Julia Phillips’ debut novel, Disappearing Earth, was a sensation when it was published in the USA in 2019. Now, the rest of the world gets to know the book and the other writings of Phillips. She is an author that seems to be quintessential American on one side: she is a Fullbright Fellow and published in all the relevant American literary magazines. On the other side: her focus does not lie on the United States. Something that is apparent in Disappearing Earth.

The book takes place on the Eur-Asian continent, more precisely on the border of Russia. It tells the story of two young sisters, who go missing. Phillips offers us a large cast of characters, of which no one is unattached to the case of the missing girls. It shows that no matter how strong a community thinks it is, a devastating incident can reveal how weak it is in reality.

Julia Phillips is an American author. She published stories and essays in The Atlantic and the New York Times. She has an interesting website:

Julia Phillips is part of the Wednesday evening programme.

Registration is free.

Buy 'Disappearing Earth' at De Vries van Stockum

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