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Za 7 Nov


The Raven Studio at Theater aan het Spui

Johnny Hostile is a music composer who started his career in London alongside his long-life collaborator Jehnny Beth, first as a musician then as a music producer for the band Savages amongst others. All of his music background comes from being a drummer in punk bands at 12 to becoming the youngest rewarded « music concrete » composer in France at 20. Johnny started photography when he moved to Paris. His first photographic project entitled C.A.L.M (Crimes Against Love Memories), exploring sexuality and intimacy in the safe space of anonymity, was published in an art book of his photographs entitled C.A.L.M (via White Rabbit Books).

Johnny Hostile is part of the Saturday evening programme.

Registration is free.

Buy 'C.A.L.M' at De Vries Van Stockum

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