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Za 7 Nov


Theater Aan Het Spui

On the risk of being cliché: what is it about Scandinavians and family drama’s? From the work of Ingmar Bergman to the Dogma Movement: you can brace yourself whenever a family (or a couple) enters Scandinavian fiction. Johanna Frid is the newest jewel in this crown. Before her debut novel she published a collection of poetry about aforementioned subject matter.

In Nora or: burn Oslo burn!, we follow Johanna. She gets quite jealous when her boyfriend, Emil, meets with his ex-girlfriend who is named Nora. What follows is a slippery slope. Johanna starts out with stalking Nora’s Instagram page, and (inevitably?) winds up being completely obsessed. This novel is stark satire on our modern age, filled to the brim with dark humor.

Johanna Frid is a Swedish writer and poet. In Sweden, her work was crowned with the Dagens Nyheters Kulturpris.

Author from The Chronicles programme.

Buy 'Nora, of brand Oslo brand' at De Vries van Stockum

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