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Zo 8 Nov


The Raven Studio at Theater aan het Spui

In Else Boer’s writing all seems to boil down to perspective. For online magazine Hard//Hoofd she wrote an encouragement to her readers to change their perspectives on life as much as possible; preferably through the reading of books that can achieve this. Besides being a writer, Else is also teaches Dutch on a high school.

This year she will present her first novel, named Ik wacht hier (‘I’ll wait here’). In this book we follow 17-year old Erin, who moves with her mother from the big city of Rotterdam to a trailer park in the country side. Everything seems to get really dull over there, until she meets Alice. A tight friendship follows. But: Erin remains a bit secretive. Why doesn’t she tell Alice why she had to move so suddenly in the first place? Can friendship (or love) survive a few secrets? Or will this break thing up in the end? Those are the questions Boer raises with her debut.

Else Boer (1991) is a Dutch writer. Her debut novel Ik wacht hier will be published by Prometheus in 2020.


Else Boer is part of the Sunday evening programme.

Registration is free.

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