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Sofie Lakmaker


After a year of studying Russian and a year of studying literary studies Sofie Lakmaker decided to study philosophy, which she recently finished. Until she was 17, she wanted to become a professional football-player, but she exchanged that ambition for a love for writing. In the summer of 2017 she joined the writers summer camp of Das Mag, which got the literary ball rolling. With her story De geschiedenis van mijn seksualiteit (the history of my sexuality) she sheds light on gender and sexuality and on how a twenty-something year old woman gives meaning to her live while looking back at her unhappy love life. After her studies Sofie Lakmaker will probably fully focus on writing and she is one of the Sampler authors that will write her debut novel for Das Mag Publishers next year. She said: “like Matthijs de Ligt would say: we’re nowhere, but we’re in a good starting position”.