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Heartbeat Hotel, Theater aan het Spui

Indie-folk singer songwriter Pitou is a Dutch musician who lets intellect, gentleness and empathy shine through in her songs. Her voice has been called one of the most arresting to emerge from this year. Human emotion stands front and centre in this Amsterdam-born performer’s repertoire. Her moving vocals have captured the attention of the audience since she was as young as nine years old. She performed in a children’s choir, and she sang the Matthaus Passion at the baptism of Catharina-Amalia, Princess of the Netherlands. Pop and rock entered her life later, and after performing on Dutch television, she quickly expanded her audiences to include the UK. She has just released her second album ‘I Fall Asleep So Fast’.

‘I doze off so quickly,’ she explains, ‘When this happens, my mind closes herself off to any wonder or inspiration the world could’ve unlocked in her. This slumber continues until she is woken up by a song, a conversation, a view. It is always only after I’ve woken that I realize I was asleep. Sometimes I fear that one day I will wake up, and years will have passed. These songs were alarm clocks I set for myself, playing them will hopefully wake me up every time.’

Although her music is permeated with kindness and a mellow feel, it does not just consist of light tunes. Rather, it is a carefully considered balance of light and dark, to echo the experience of human life. Pitou isn’t afraid to inject a dose of humour in there, either. Ultimately, the drive behind her songs are an overwhelming, all-encompassing sense of love.