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Maarja Nuut & Ruum


Maarja Nuut & Ruum is a new artistic collaboration that mixes ancient Estonian folk and psychedelic electronics, producing a timeless, hypnotic sound.

Maarja Nuut is a fiddle player and singer who incorporates technology into her music, in a way that strengthens and elevates folk-influenced pieces in a modern way. This way, she creates an atmospheric and meditative atmosphere. Rather than removing the ‘natural’ element with the use of technology, Nuut uses loops, layers and effects to create a droning, hypnotic soundscape that calls forth visions of green, mysterious forests. The effect is edgy, often unsettling and enchantingly calm.

Ruum is a contemporary electronic musician who creates a framework to Nuut’s sounds. His use of digital synths, environmental recordings and old analogue instruments enrich their soundscape, creating a psychedelic and haunting world of music. Previous collaborations that this sound engineer and designer performed in include Cubus Larvik, with whom he released three albums between 2012 and 2018.

Together, this enigmatic duo synthesize past, present and future into a whole new sound with a unique soul. Their first album, Muunduja, is brand new. It is described as a work that ‘operates in an interzone between light and shadow, connecting the intuitive worldview of days past with the technologies that still lie ahead of us’. It sets out to capture that moment when our inner narratives are led by intuition, rather than reason. Its sounds draw us into ourselves, luring us into conversations with parts of ourselves that we may have forgotten were there.