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Karrie Fransman

The Oasis, Theater aan het Spui

Comic creator Karrie Fransman uses graphic arts as a playground for visual storytelling, creating worlds by inserting her bold and versatile style into graphic novels, strips, digital comics, sculptures and even virtual reality. Her works have been published worldwide, among others in The Guardian, The Times, Time Out, The Telegraph, the BBC, The New Statesman, The Arts Council and for The British Red Cross.

The panels of her comics feel like windows that you can peer into, to get a glimpse of the lives of the characters inside. She literally uses windows of houses as frames in some of her works, like her graphic novel, ‘The House That Groaned’. This interactive work was chosen as Graphic Novel of the Month in The Observer. You can take a peek into the neighbours’ rooms on

Fransman created an award-winning comic for The British Red Cross, ‘Over, Under, Sideways, Down’. The work, which covers the trek of an Iranian teenage refugee, tells the true and moving life story of Ebrahim Esmail, who fled Iran in fear of his life aged just 15 years old after his father was murdered. The captivating story caught the attention of British pop culture powerhouses like Neil Gaiman and Simon Pegg. Ebrahim himself, who is now 19, said: “It is incredible to see my life recreated in this comic.”

Her latest, award-winning, graphic novel ‘Death of the Artist’ was awarded a grant from the Arts Council England and was chosen as one of The Observer’s best graphic novels of 2015. It is the result of a project by Karrie and four artist friends who experimented with the possibilities of the graphic novel medium by locking themselves into an isolated cottage for a week of hedonism and creativity. The resulting stories spill onto the pages as comics that break convention and blur the line between reality and fiction.