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Huis van Gedichten

Music is poetry and there’s music in poetry. Two art forms full of melodies, rhythms, dynamics and wordplay. In All Eyez On Me, young people from The Hague will present their own poems, inspired by artists performing at Crossing Border.

Pupils of several secondary schools in The Hague (Esloo College, Gymnasium Sorghvliet and the Rijswijks Lyceum) unravel the musicality of poetry and spoken word in workshops organised by Huis van Gedichten (‘House of Poems’). They listen to the music of Massih Hutak, Tamino and 2Pac, using their songs as inspiration for their own poetry.

Massih Hutak and Tamino will perform alongside the youngsters in All Eyez On Me, but we’re guessing all eyes will be on our young, up-and-coming poets.

Het Paard